Who Knew Being Vegan Would Taste So Good?

Who Knew Being Vegan Would Taste So Good?

| “How do you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.”

It’s an old joke, but it’s still doing the rounds. And now that we’re more than three weeks into Veganuary and it seems there’s no getting away from veganism. I became a convert myself just three months ago, just before the Veganuary campaign started.

See what I mean? In just a few lines, I’ve managed to tell you I’m a vegan.

I have to say, when I first heard this joke, I was slightly embarrassed, probably because I am one of those annoying vegans who seem to use the word vegan in every sentence.

The first realisation I had when we first decided to become vegan was just how exciting it is. Rather than finding myself limited to a restrictive diet, which was my expectation. A whole new world of food and a new way of cooking was opened up to me. I’ve started experimenting with ingredients I’ve never used before or sometimes never even heard, with amazing results.

This is the point on the journey I’m at right now. I want everybody to taste what I’ve tasted and I want people to know about it. If you’re a person who loves food as much as I do, of course I want my friends and family to know about the latest plant-based meal I’ve created.

I’ve also found myself feeling much more energetic and enthusiastic after the switch to a more plant-based diet. I think this is in part because of the number of healthy nutrients I’m getting on a daily basis. My fruit and veg intake have more than doubled. I’ve even managed to lose a little bit of weight in the process. Which to be honest is a wonder because all I seem to think about is food. More now then I’ve ever done and I use to think about it a lot!

Vegnuary is well underway and it’s amazing that so many restaraunts and food outlets are launching their own vegan products and dedicated vegan menus in support the campaign. Is it a wonder why it’s on my brain? I mean, most of my Instagram feed has turned into posts of peoples culinary creations.
If you reularly follow me on Instagram, you’ll know what I’ve been out and about trying some of these new culinary delights. I’m not going to list them here, I’ll let you have a wonder over and see for yourself.

I even have dedicated highlights of our adventures.

However, this doesn’t include all the new and exciting ingredients I’ve been experimenting with. I have had some amazing resutls and some not to much. Again, If you venture over to my Instgram you’ll be able to see the fruits of that labour.

When I talk about veganism to my friends and family, it’s usually in the context of a great new product I’ve tried or an amazing new ingredient I’ve use and I want to share it with everyone.

I use to think that being vegan was just about eating salad but I couldn’t have been more wrong. And while the reasons for us choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle go far beyond the obvious health benefits, food and a new way of cooking are a massive part of the transition. In my experience, thinking about the food you’re leaving behind isn’t the right way to go. Thinking about the whole new world of ingrediants and food that will be opened up to you, is.

I’m getting hungry just writing out how good food is tasting at the moment.

I’m never going to be one of those people who starts interfering in people’s choices. Although I’m always going to encourage people to ask me questions and find out more about why I’m vegan (and how great it is).

All I hope is that veganism becomes the norm, rather than the radical.


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