Daddy Day Care Challenge Ft. The ‘All New’ Kia Stonic | Driven #AD

Daddy Day Care Challenge Ft. The ‘All New’ Kia Stonic | Driven #AD

The Car | All-New Kia Stonic Urban Crossover

Becoming a parent isn’t just about the responsibilities that start after bringing the child home from the hospital. It starts when you first find out you’re expecting the little bundle of joy. There is a lot to think about leading up to the moment your baby is born. Believe me!

One of the big decisions you might face is buying a new car. Most families-to-be need a new car when their baby arrives whether they like it or not. It happens all the time. We had a three-door Ford Fiesta when our first one arrived and it was just a nightmare trying to put a baby seat in the back and there wasn’t enough boot space for the pram and the amount of stuff you actually need to take with you, even when just going to the shops.


The All-New Stonic solves all those problems. It has everything that dads-to-be and mums-to-be need from a first family car. It’s Kia’s first Small Urban Crossover and it’s got some features that make it a big deal. Such as;

  • Reversing camera system with dynamic guidlelines
  • Hill start assis
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • DAB radio
  • Apple car play
  • Andriod auto
  • Satnav

Now, who doesn’t need features like this in a family-to-be car? I know I couldn’t live without hill start assistance, and reversing cameras are a bonus when you have a baby crying in the backseat distracting you. With TomTom and Apple/ Android features it can get your beautiful family where it needs to go and you can use your lullaby playlist off your phone to soothe baby in the process. Everything on the car is designed to help keep you focused.

Plus with a pretty decent sized boot, you won’t be short of space for your pram and weekly shop.

For the dads-to-be out there, the first edition offers two-tone colour combinations choosing between lime green, black, red, or orange highlights. Who says you can’t have pops of colour as a parent. We may be grown-ups but we don’t want to grow up.

| We may be grown-ups but we don’t want to grow up.

The All-New Kia Stonic isn’t just an SUV, it’s that forever car you’re looking for. It’s the car I would what to bring my newborn home in for the first time. It’s something you will never forget.

Daddy Day Car Launch Activity

To celebrate the launch of the All-New Kia Stonic Urban Crossover, I have teamed up with the All-New Kia Stonic Urban Crossover and their amazing Daddy Day Car event. They kindly invited me down to test drive the brand new model and to take part in their launch activity introduced to help dads-to-be practice for the transition to fatherhood, covering everything from the drive to the hospital to the dreaded first car seat fitting.

The Daddy Day Car test drive initiative allows dads-to-be to try out the All-New Kia Stonic Urban Crossover, showcasing just how helpful the New Urban Crossover features are. They do this by putting dads-to-be through a series of testing situations. This is designed to ease them into fatherhood will be tasks like; a speed packing challenge – by making sure they can pack the car with all they need and not lose their keys, a test drive route to the hospital using the various tech features in the car and last but not least the feared car seat fitting.

Now, I thought because I’m already a dad to a Three and a One-year-old I’d walk through these tests and still have time for a coffee at the end. How wrong I was!

There was a speed challenge around the showroom where we had to follow clues and collect various baby items. We then had to put them into a changing bag. This was followed by a timed car seat fitting (which I failed, badly). I’m just glad there wasn’t an actual baby in the seat at the time. Lastly, there was a test drive of the car through the city centre to Leeds General Infirmary, which I aced of course.

If I learnt anything from the day it’s;

  • I can’t fit a car seat as quickly as I thought. In my defence, we had an Isofix base with ours so I was at a disadvantage
  • I can’t pack a hospital bag as fast as I thought I could.

So Parents-to-be listen up;

  • Make sure you have installed the car seat numerous times before baby’s arrival.
  • Test drive to your local hospital.
  • Make sure you have a reliable and safe car for your growing family.
  • Stay calm Dads-to-be

The All-New Kia Stonic has got all this covered and will make it all seem like child’s play.

Daddy Day Car All-New Kia Stonic test drives test drives will be taking place at selected Kia dealerships in November. While places are limited, customers wishing to take part can contact to inquire about their nearest dealership and book a slot. For more information on the All-New Kia Stonic please visit


*This post, even though it was sponsored by Kia, it is my honest opinion. Hope you enjoyed it!*



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