Tried It, Liked It, Bought It | How I Chose The Right Family Car

Tried It, Liked It, Bought It | How I Chose The Right Family Car

Buying a car for your family is something you have to get right. Choosing the wrong car can be an expensive mistake, especially if you end up having to change car within a few years of your original purchase. So what should you be looking for when buying a family car?

A question that gives you a headache just thinking about it, let alone trying to answer it. Finding the best family car for your needs comes with a mountain of things to consider. There are so many different types of vehicles now that it can often seem impossible given all the choices. Whether it’s a small hatchback for in and around town, a large SUV for a big family or even a pickup truck for practicality and use for work. There are countless choices and models to pick from.

If you’re not huge on cars then the task is even harder. It can be difficult enough to find the right vehicle for your needs. I also what day to day activities you will be using the car for. We all know about the school run or going to the supermarket for your weekly shop, but will you be using the car for work? Do you have relatives that live far away, which means regular long journeys on the motorway? It’s a mind felt of things to consider.

For those who follow me in Instagram will know that a couple of weeks ago I teamed up with Evans Halshaw to celebrate the launch of the All-New Ford Focus. I was kindly invited me down to test drive the brand new model for a few days, which of course I was only to happy to except. I have always been a massive lover of Ford as a brand and I have only ever driven Ford cars so when this opportunity came along it was the perfect partnership for me.

If you’re really up to date with my social media activity you will know that a couple of week after completing the review I actually went back and bought one. Who does that? Who does that after only driving for a short time and without test driving any other make or model? Me!

I passed my driving test in 2005 and I have only ever driven Ford. I have had four Fiesta’s and this is my Third Focus. Plus I use to study Fords history and research older models for fun so it’s safe to say, I know the brand and I know the cars well. And, for those who really know me will know that I am a creature of habit. I know what I like and I stick to it. Some people might see that as boring but it’s just the way I am and it’s only now I am in my thirty’s that I am OK with that.

Whenever I am thinking about getting a new car I always ask myself Four simply questions, questions I know will cover all the bases and help me avoid making a costly mistake. For some people the decision of buying a new car won’t be this simple but I have been through this many times and I think this allows me to make some solid, family-friendly recommendations:

  • Is it within my budget? Decide how much you want to pay and stick to it. There’s always wiggle room.
  • Does it fit in with my day to day activities? Your day to day activities is important too. If that includes doing the school run or sitting in traffic as you head to work, good fuel economy might be more important than storage space.
  • Is it safe? The most important thing in the car is you. The new Focus has a Five star N Cap rating which is the best one there is. Cars are safer now than every before. With features like voice command and hands-free calling , parking sensors rear view cameras and speed limiters. All these features are designed to keep you focused. Plus high spec models with this kind of stuff could be cheaper on insurance.
  • Does it look good? There’s nothing more to say on this one. If my car looks good, it makes me feel proud. If people compliment me on it, that’s a bonus. I have had so many compliments since I’ve been driving around in this new car.

I know what you’re thinking? The Ford Focus isn’t the car for you. Well, that’s OK, we’re not all the same and if we were the world would be a pretty boring place. However, it is the car for me. It ticks all of my boxes and answers all the questions above and if you go to Evans Halshaw, they’ll look after you. Just tell them I sent you.

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to settle for a Mum/ Dad-mobile. With a little research and careful planning, you can find a vehicle that’s both practical for your family and perfect for you.


What do you think about when you’re buying a new car? What’s more important to you? Look, comfort, economy, practicality? Let me know in the comments below


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