Do Modern Dads Have To Be A ‘Jack Of All Trades?’

Do Modern Dads Have To Be A ‘Jack Of All Trades?’

Being a modern dad isn’t easy. As it turns out, the job requires us to have a wide variety of different skills. It’s not just about knowing the lyrics to your kids favourite songs.

Along with taking on the more ‘traditional’ dad talents such as changing a Tyre or putting a shelf. We also need to have additional skills such as cooking dinner and learning how to braid hair. Doesn’t it feel sometimes like society needs us to be everything to everyone, a ‘Jack of all trades?’

Being a dad in the modern world demands that we get to grips with all manner of tasks and challenges. Including those that were once only done by mum. It does seem that the requirements of dads today is much tougher than they were in the past. Even compared to my own dad, as a generation we need to be able to handle so much more.

I believe that there’s a benefit to dads having these added pressures. It does feel that dads are finally finding their voice, especially at home. They are discovering that they have a voice, an option and they can finally do what they what to do.

Most Dads even agreed that they spend more time with their children compared to their own dads. Which is the whole point, right?

For those who follow me on Instagram will know what I’ve been delving into the world of D.I.Y, trade centres and builders merchants over the past few week while we have project home office on the go. This is a world that I am not to familiar with considering I’ve got a dad who’s been in the game for forty years. In the world of the stay-at-home dad I am the Jedi Master but anything to do with power tools and tape measures I am very much the Padawan.

Building this project has definitely given me some added skills as a dad but It’s also made me think about the pressures of modern dads and feeling you get of needing to be everything, everywhere, all the time. I guess what I’m trying to say is, do mum’s feel the same? Do mum’s feel like they have to keep up with the more traditional roles while feeling like society wants to pick up the none traditional ones too?

I did think about something else while playing bob the builder. My girls loved it too. They love being outside in the wet and the rain chopping wood and hammering in some nails. So I guess you could say it taught me that it’s OK if they want to be outside doing that or being inside playing with L.O.L dolls and Barbies, along as it makes them happy.

Maybe all of us, whether you’re a mum or a dad, need to be a ‘jack of all trades’ sometimes. After all, we’re in 2018 and if we can’t be or do what ever we want now, when can we?


What do you think? Do modern dads have to be a jack of all trades? Is there a pressure of them to take on the traditional talents as well as taking on the more non-traditional ones?


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